The meeting of Anglo Scottish Lodge No. 8844 held on Tuesday the 28th of January 2020 combined a most elucidative gentlemen's "white table" information-evening with a superb Burns supper. Around 70-brethren and visitors attended the event.

20 02 01 anglo scottish

From left, WBro Aaron Day PPJGW, WBro Rick Hill ProvAGDC, VWBro Charles Bennett DPGM, WBro John Fergusson ProvGPurs, and Bro Gerry McCrory

Following a short meeting to take care of essential lodge business, guests were invited into the lodge-room where they were treated to an interesting and informative series of talks on Freemasonry starting with a brief introduction to the evening's programme by WBro John Fergusson, Provincial Membership Officer and Anglo-Scottish Lodge Secretary.

Following this, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Charles Bennett, gave a succinct but detailed summary of the likely origins of Freemasonry, its development through the centuries, and its current structure.

VWBro Charles outlined the development from operative to speculative Masonry and the formation of the first Grand Lodge in 1717. He also explained the principles on which the Craft is founded and how their emphasis is on making good men better.

Bro Gerry McCrory then took to the floor and explained that, having been curious about Freemasonry for quite a while, a long convalescence following a traumatic accident gave him a lot of time to reflect on what was important in life.

During this period, Bro Gerry met several Masons at social events, and an information-evening similar to that in progress "sealed the deal" and convinced him that Freemasonry was something he wished to pursue. He went on to explain that the contributions made by Freemasons to society inspired him to undertake voluntary work and a complete change of career.

The next presenter, WBro Aaron Day, told the gathering that he; his father, grandfather, son, and son-in-law were all Masons, so Freemasonry was very much a family affair. He likened the Craft to a large family and spoke movingly about the lifelong friendships he had made as a result of his membership. Aaron emphasised that social events such as ladies' festivals ensured that the wives and partners of Masons also benefited from their association with the Craft.

The evening's last presenter, WBro John Ferguson, explained that he knew little about Freemasonry until he moved to Northampton and arranged a family event at the Province's former headquarters in St George’s Avenue.

This led WBro John to make enquiries with the Provincial Office whereupon his desire to maintain a connection with his Scottish roots led them to put him in touch with Anglo Scottish Lodge.

John emphasised the importance he places on the heritage and history of Freemasonry. He outlined the sense of belonging that being a Mason imparts to him as well as the opportunity to give something back to society through charitable work such as that undertaken by The 3 Pillars – Feeding The Homeless Trust. John also mentioned the diverse nature of Freemasonry, which allows men from all stations of life to meet and mix on the same level both within the lodge and outside of it.

Altogether, the presenters provided a great insight into Freemasonry in general and what it meant to them in particular.

To top it all, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous festive board of haggis, neeps and tatties!

20 02 05 al haggis

WBro Alex Thomson addressing the haggis!

Anyone interested in joining Freemasonry can contact WBro John Fergusson using the form available by clicking here.