As part of the Tercentenary Celebrations, Grand Rank appointments and promotions have been made. I hereby detail below the first appointments and promotions to craft Grand Rank for Brethren in this Province which will take place at the Quarterly Communication meeting in March 2018.

On behalf of the Province, I extend our sincere congratulations on First Appointments to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies to:

W Bro Barry John Howard – Eleanor Cross Lodge No 1764 
W Bro Barry is an experienced Freemason who has served his Lodge and Province well over many years.

Many will recall his significant contribution in bringing the Provincial HQ at Sheaf Close into fruition in 2013 and is now advising Grand Lodge on developing and building Masonic Halls. 

W Bro Gerard Thomas Dempsey – Euston Lodge No 2283
W Bro Ged is a very busy Freemason and is well known to many because he was the Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2015/16, an appointment that he served with some considerable distinction.

Equally, others may know him as one of the founders and driving forces behind The 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless Trust.

Our congratulations are also extended to the following Brethren for their respective Promotions to Past Junior Grand Deacon:

W Bro Richard Godwin – Danetre Lodge No 8594
W Bro Charles Overland – Old Kimboltonians Lodge No 7204

RW Bro Max Bayes
Provincial Grand Master

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