The Provincial Bonus Ball Lottery has been launched by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes. 

Once logged-in, members can access the Bonus Ball Lottery using the option visible on the right-hand side of the main menu.

The list of each week's winners will be published as a news article on the Provincial website starting 30th January 2021.

Introducing a video which explains how the new lottery works, the PGM said:

I spoke to you before Christmas about our Bonus Ball Lottery. I am pleased to say it is now live on the Provincial website. It gives us the opportunity to provide much needed support to the Provincial Grand Charity which is under unprecedented strain as a result of the demands currently being placed on it.

For the modest outlay of £10 - a £1 a week -  a player will have ten chances of winning £30 over a ten week period. Each week’s winners will be those whose number coincides with Saturday’s National Lottery Bonus Ball number. I hope you are able to be a part of the success of this initiative and wish you good luck in your number choosing.