WBro John Fergusson, the Province's Membership Officer, reflects on opening and closing the September Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge as acting Grand Pursuivant.

20 09 09 fergusson agpurs

WBro John Fergusson AGPurs & PMO

September’s Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge was always going to be a somewhat different affair, particularly with less than 20-people present. The corridors of Freemasons’ Hall were significantly quieter than would normally be the case on such occasions.

For me, the honour and privilege of opening and closing a Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication was not diminished in any way, shape or form.

I knew that there were so many brethren in the Province who wanted to be in attendance, so I felt the weight and support of the Province behind me at all times.

In many ways, the occasion was even more unique because there were so few present to transact the business of Grand Lodge.

I am both privileged and fortunate to have been one of those!

WBro John Fergusson
AGPurs & PMO