On Friday the 26th of July 2019, WBro David Redden and Bro Adrian Cleave, Charity Steward and Assistant Secretary of Thrapston-based Chicheley Lodge No. 607, were pleased to visit the Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre for Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire and present a cheque for £500 to Tracy McKenzie, Centre Manager, and Kay Taylor, Chair of the Trustees.

The donation, which was jointly funded by the Lodge and the Provincial Grand Charity, was most gratefully received.

19 07 30 chicheley ms centre 00001

From left, Tracy McKenzie (Centre Manager), WBro David Redden (Chicheley Lodge Charity Steward), Kay Taylor (Chair of the Trustees), and Bro Adrian Cleave (Chicheley Lodge Assistant Secretary)

The Centre has its beginnings in 1983, when a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis decided they wanted to provide help, support and therapy for fellow sufferers in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

At that time, oxygen therapy was the treatment being sought by people with MS. It was not available on the NHS, so the group raised funds to provide it for themselves.

19 07 30 chicheley ms centre 00004

A oxygen-therapy session at the Centre

Bro Adrian had a personal involvement with the Centre at its inception as a result of two of his colleagues being involved in the original project. Both suffered from MS.

The Centre now has over 1,000 members with approximately 350 attending each week. In addition to providing oxygen therapy, the Centre also offers physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and action potential simulation (APS) therapy. MS-specialist nurses are on hand to help with all aspects of MS.

19 07 30 chicheley ms centre 00002

A hydrotherapy session at the Centre

All therapies are provided free of charge to people with MS albeit the Centre does ask for donations towards its running costs.

19 07 30 chicheley ms centre 00003

A physiotherapy session at the Centre

The Centre is highly recommended to anyone suffering from MS. They provide a warm and friendly atmosphere with an open-plan sitting area incorporating a café and shop, both of which help to raise funds for the Centre.

The Centre can be contacted on 01234-325781. Alternatively, please visit their website:

We congratulate Chicheley Lodge No. 607 and the Provincial Grand Charity for once again supporting an incredibly worthwhile charity.