On Monday the 26th of November 2018 at Sheaf Close, Northampton, recently-joined brethren and their longer-standing counterparts attended a special meeting of Grey Friars Lodge No. 4990 when they were enthralled and delighted to hear the Masonic life and times of the Lodge's father, WBro Bob Farey.

WBro Bob Farey updating a lodge honours board - a job he did for many years

Amongst the newest Masons present were Bro Richard Appleton and Bro James Phillips, both of whom are relatively new members of the Lodge of Fidelity No. 455, which meets at Towcester. They were accompanied by Fidelity Lodge’s Mentoring Coordinator, WBro Glenn Brown (son-in-law of the late Grey Friars Lodge member, WBro Jack Haddon), in an initiative to expand Masonic knowledge and enjoyment to less experienced members.

Bro Appleton, Bro Phillips, WBro Steve Mills and WBro Glen Brown

From left, Bro Richard Appleton, Bro James Phillips, WBro Steve Mills (Master of Grey Friars Lodge), and WBro Glenn Brown (Lodge of Fidelity's Mentoring Coordinator)

In concluding his presentation, WBro Bob said:

When I was invited to become a Freemason I had my doubts, but my eventual decision to join was the best I have ever made.

I have served in almost every office in the Lodge. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every one of them but perhaps the one I have enjoyed most is Director of Ceremonies.

I now look forward to completing 50-years in Masonry in 2022 and being awarded my Jubilee Certificate.

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