Saturday the 17th of March 2018 was a special day for both Abington Lodge No. 8041 and the Griffiths family.

Not only did the Lodge welcome another initiate, which is always a special event, but the candidate on this occasion was Lt David Griffiths, a serving officer of the Royal Navy and the son of WBro Selwyn Griffiths.

18 03 17 abington 01

From left, Bro Ben Turvey, Bro David Griffiths, WBro Selwyn Griffiths, and Bro Jonathan Griffiths    

Thanks to WBro Tony Engel, the Master of Abington Lodge, Selwyn was able to take the Master's chair and initiate his son into the Craft.

To put the icing on the cake, Bro David was escorted around the lodge by his brother, Bro Jonathan Griffiths; David's stepbrother, Bro Ben Turvey, presented the Working Tools; and WBro Daniel Day, David's school-friend and IPM of Piscator Lodge No. 7557, presented the North-East corner.

Also present were two other of David and Jonathan's friends from Northampton School For Boys, Bro William Lawson and WBro James Long. WBro James is currently WM of Featherstone Lodge No. 7851, which meets in the Province of Middlesex.

18 03 17 abington 02

From left, Bro William Lawson, WBro James Long, Bro David Griffiths, WBro Daniel Day, and Bro Jonathan Griffiths

The evening was made even more special by the visit of Deputy Worshipful Master Arno Moos from Germany (who was resplendent in white tie and top hat), and WBro Michael Long PPJGW, PPJGW (Middlesex), and PDistJGW (District of Barbados & East Caribbean).

18 03 17 abington 03

From left, Deputy Worshipful Master Arno Moos, Bro David Griffiths, WBro Selwyn Griffiths and WBro Michael Long

All in all it was a super event. We congratulate David on becoming a member of the Craft and wish him many happy years to enjoy his new-found Masonic family!

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