The Initiates Supper held at Ellindon Masonic Centre, Peterborough on Friday the 23rd of March 2018 proved to be a most successful event.

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The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes, speaking at the event

Over 100 brethren and visitors gathered in the lodge room to hear presentations from the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Max Bayes, the Provincial Grand Treasurer, WBro David Watson and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Charles Bennett.

 18 03 24 peterboro initiates 01

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Charles Bennett, also addressed those attending the event

The presentations were followed by an informal meal, which was well received by all who attended.

Background Information

Initiates suppers are usually held twice yearly, once at the Ellindon Masonic Centre and again at Freemasons' Hall, Sheaf Close, Northampton.

They provide an opportunity for new initiates, prospective members, and partners of existing brethren to find-out a little more about Freemasonry in an informal setting, see the inside of a lodge room, and to ask questions.

Next Event

The Initiates Supper to be held at Freemasons' Hall, Sheaf Close, Northampton will take place towards the end of May 2018.

Existing members should contact their lodge secretary for more details. Any non-Masons interested in attending the event should contact the Provincial Membership Officer, WBro John Fergusson, using the form available here.

Bookings for the event need to be received by the Provincial Office before the 12th of May 2018 (the event itself will take place later in the month).

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