A unique event took place at The Holy Cross Preceptory of Knight's Templar in Daventry on Thursday 1 November. The Heads of three Orders in our Province (including the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Wayne Williams) came together to Install Comp Brian Ennever (DPGM of the Mark) into Knights Templar Masonry.


The Eminent Preceptor currently in the chair of the Preceptory was Eminent Knight Wayne Williams.

(l to r) Very Em Kt George Bonham, Em Kt Wayne Williams, Comp Brian Ennever and Right Em Kt Dr Viv Thomas

The Preceptory was honoured, by the visit of Right Em Kt Dr Viv Thomas, the Provincial Prior and DPGM of the Craft and of course Brian's "Boss", Very Em Kt George Bonham, the PGM of the Mark, had to be called on to "dub" the new Knight.