District Grand Prefect

RWBro Michael Cowood

Deputy District Grand Prefect
WBro Richard Samuel Moss

Councils Meeting in Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire

152   Rose of the Shires Council Rushden
237 Kimbolton Council Peterborough

Information about the Order

A Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees was established in the late 1870’s, with headquarters at Mark Masons Hall. Following an understanding reached in 1931, the Grand Council has been responsible for five Masonic Degrees, namely:

St Lawrence the Martyr

This teaches a lesson of fortitude arising from the sufferings of St. Lawrence and is the first degree to be taken by all candidates. The remaining four may be taken in any sequence.

Knights of Constantinople

Refers to the legendary Constantine and preaches the virtues of humility and equality.

Red Cross of Babylon

Associated with the Royal Arch, it deals with Zerubbabel under the reigns of Cyrus and Darius.

Grand Tilers of Solomon

Warns of the great danger of carelessness and of hasty judgment and teaches the importance of careful tiling.

Grand High Priest

Deals with the Blessing of Abraham and the consecration of Aaron.

Candidates for the Order must be both Mark Master Masons and Royal Arch Companions. When he has passed through all five degrees, the candidate qualifies for the pentagonal Breast Jewel of the Order.

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