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Charitable work is at the heart of Freemasonry.  Individual Masonic Lodges tend to give to deserving causes in their local area or with which they have a particular affinity.  The Provincial Grand Charity of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire donates to good causes, both nationally and locally.

The Province also supports the Masonic Charitable Foundation - the national Masonic charity.  For more informstiion, click here.

Support is also given to charities such as the Masonic Trout and Salmon Fishing Charity (MTSFC) which is a Registered Charity and has the aim ‘to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with Special Needs’. This includes disabled and disadvantage children, young people and adults.

mhaMasonic Housing Association

The Masonic Housing Association (MHA) provides rented accommodation of a high standard for elderly persons who can generally lead an independent life, but would benefit by the help of a Resident Warden in an emergency. It is a Housing Association and has received public subsidy. Rents are below market levels and MHA takes both masonic and non-masonic residents.

Palmer Court in Wellingborough is a local example of such a sheltered housing scheme run by the MHA.

For more information about the Masonic Housing Association and Palmer Court please click here.

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